About us

We are proud to be part of the humanization of the cares in your infrastructure by proposing you easy-to-sanitize solutions always more innovative.


Born out of a workgroup dedicated in creation, production and installation of easy-to-clean solar protection and of acoustic comfort in collective environment, MEDICASCREEN® imagines and makes its products in the area of Nantes since 2008.

The innovations of MEDICASCREEN® are eco-designed with different actors of the health care environment. The company is the only one distributor in France, Belgium and overseas French departments and territories.

Our laboratory MEDICASCREEN® innovates and works continuously in tandem with hygienists, buyers, health managers, technicians and hostel consultants specialized in hospitals.

The whole range of MEDICASCREEN® (easy-to-clean on site products) meets the problematic of the privacy of the patient while fighting against nosocomial infections (sponge-wipeable and steam-cleanable, active chlorine 0.5%, fogging Hydrogen peroxide 20%).

Lots of our products are without attaching to the floor and save spaces.  This ergonomic solution allows a perfect cleaning and makes easier the nursing work. We guarantee you longevity and solidity of our installations. (Rails and screens MEDICASCREEN® standards, 5-year warranty)

While respecting the budgets of the health care sector, the design enhancive of our MEDICASCREEN® screens is a benefit for patients and nurses.


MEDICASCREEN® exports its concept through Europe by installing privacy screens in Switzerland and Belgium. The company MEDICASCREEN NL®, created in partnership with a Dutch company, distributes our concept through Netherlands and Flanders.