Bio cleaning, hygieneThe intimacy screen in the service of patients and nursing staff

MEDICASCREEN® proposes you a medical easy-to-sanitize privacy screens (sponge-wipeable and steam-cleanable) on site, created, made and distributed only by MEDICASCREEN®.

Why choose the benefits of the privacy screens Medicascreen®’s range?

Following many requests of our customers located in the west of France, the innovantive concept of Medicascreen® is born out of a workgroup composed of:

  • Hygienists
  • Purchasing managers
  • Technical managers
  • Hotel consultants for hospitals
  • Health managers

We wrote together technical specifications inlcuding:

  • Easy-to-sanitize privacy screens without attaching to the floor and without handling, suppression of screens with wheels
  • Solution which can resist to biological products, iodised disinfectants, and other colored liquids.
  • Cost-effient solutions: cost similar to a telescopic rail and its set (no additional cost of investment)
  • Elimination of industrial washing costs
  • Strong installation (durability of hospital funiture), no telescopic rails which collapse or unstuck screen handles  
  • Let the light shine
  • Colorful and decorative

The answer from Medicascreen®:

  • Semi-rigid screen, hung, with panels in coated on both sides, which allows in light, M1 fire-classified, decorative and customizable, fold back to the bed head
  • Easy-to-sanitize set (screen and rail), cleanable with hospitable detergents and/or disinfectant with a swab – fit with active chlorine 0.5% -, steam cleaning and fogging, resists to the iodized disinfectants and biological liquids
  • Without attaching to the floor, frees up floor space for disinfection and an optimum cleaning
  • Investment costs comparable to a curtain with telescopic rail and its replacement set
  • Gain on purchase thanks to the elimination of industrial washing costs
  • Aluminum double-body rail, hung from the wall and from the ceiling thanks to a hanging rod, from 235 cm of the floor. (fit with IV poles)
  • Possibility to print pictures on panels, choose hinge colors

MEDICASCREEN® helps you to respect the privacy of the patient and allows personnel to work comfortly with the easy-to-heandle and easy to clean in place MEDICASCREEN® range. The cares take place in a kindly and warm environment.

MEDICASCREEN® allows to respect privacy in shared spaces like double-occupancy rooms, dialysis centers, ambulatory, emergency…

Those all features prove that MEDICASCREEN® is a kindly solution for patients and nursing staff.



Medicascreen® helps you control hospital-acquired infections with its easy-to-sanitize privacy screens.

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Security and warranty

M1 fire resistance rating (NF) and B-s1-d0 fire resistance rating (NE). Sturdy attachment. Medicascreen® guarantee our whole materials 5 year, standard references.

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MEDICASCREEN® brings you a possibility to create your own decorative space which looks like you and cheers up your care areas.

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About us

Locaux Médicascreen fabrication française
Our laboratory MEDICASCREEN® works continuously in tandem with hygienists, buyers, health managers, technicians and hostel consultants specialized in hospitals. The whole range of MEDICASCREEN® (easy-to-clean on site products) guarantees the privacy of the patient while fighting against nosocomial infections (sponge-wipeable and steam-cleanable, active chlorine 0.5%, fogging Hydrogen peroxide 20%).

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In MEDICASCREEN®, the corporate social responsibility is built on 3 fundamentals: 1st fundamental: Women & men 2nd fundamental: products & services 3rd fundamental: building and environment

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