Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R)


“Our corporate social responsibility is the investment of everyone in the respect of each other, as the respect of the work conditions, which contributes to the well-being and willingness of all.” 

- Denise Jolivet, inside sales person.

In MEDICASCREEN®, the corporate social responsibility is built on 3 fundamentals:


1st fundamental: Women & men

Work together and transcend our diversities

Approach 1: develop a team composed of enthusiastic women and men, blossomed in their job and proud of their work

Approach 2: make sure the performance and the desire to improve oneself

  • Training plan: average of 3 training days a year
  • 2 colleagues, each year, in Work first-aid training
  • A company who welcomes trainees

Approach 3: assure the diversity in the company and the human development

  • All age ranges are represented in MEDICASCREEN®
  • Our team is wealthy in people with handicap (12% of our effective)

Approach 4: organize the work time in order that it is reachable to everyone

Promote actions so as everyone keeps fit

  • Organization to encourage the employment of women and the balance with their family life. They represent 50% of our effective
  • Take in charge sports license for each co-worker

Approach 5: stay an entrepreneurship project opened to the outside

  • The entrepreneurship MEDICASCREEN® project is laureate of “Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique”
  • Isabelle van Waesberghe and Benoit van Waesberghe belong to several groups of young entrepreneur network


2st fundamental: Products & services

We assure you sturdy and perennial installations, saving management and master carbon footprint.

Approach 6: offer to our customers the best products of our sector

  • Monitor technological developments by visiting different international fairs
  • Pro-active R&D in collaboration with workgroups from the health care sector to meet the new needs and challenges of the health care institutions
  • Selection of products with all departments

Approach 7: develop a global service for a better longevity of our installations

  • Advice from our sales team on site
  • Phone reception and planning done by our inside sales team
  • Confection by our production operators (no subcontracting)
  • Cut and assemblage of our rails in our workplace
  • Installation by our technical staff (no subcontracting)
  • Warranty for our installations, rails and screens (5-year warranty for standard references)

Approach 8: prefer the French suppliers, or European, to save employment, have a better traceability and respect the Carbone footprint

  • Our privacy screens are made in France in our own workplace in La Montagne

Approach 9: create a strong partnership with suppliers; guarantee the follow-up of the product line

  • 92% of our suppliers and partners accompany us from the beginning


3st fundamental: Building and environment

Decrease the impacts of our activities on the environment while proposing a pleasant space

Approach 10: master the production to limit the Carbone footprint

Approach 11: limit the useless ecological costs

Approach 12: offer an ecological work environment favorable for the well-being

  •  The building merges in its landscape with a wooden front;
  • Recycle of our wastes and our products. We collect screens and rail at the end of their life cycle for free
  • Installation of aerothermal