The solution to equip your windows and keep light while respecting the privacy of your patients

écran de protection du soleil qui protège l'intimité des patients en remplacant les rideaux tissus
Ecran pare soleil bio nettoyable directement dans la chambre du patient permet le remplacement des rideaux
Ecran pare soleil rapatriable pour l'intimité


The hospitable awning blind matched with your privacy screens !

(height and length developed according your needs)

The easy-to-sanitize awning blind which allows the light and which respects the patients’ privacy.

The EYESCREEN MED® is easy to clean (sponge-wipeable and steam-cleanable) and without attaching to the floor for a reinforced hygiene. It doesn’t need a double curtains set and avoid you the costs of industrial washing costs. This innovation avoids you to equip your double-occupancy rooms and shared spaces with fabric curtains.

  • Hygienic solution
  • Economical solution
  • Customisable solution

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Safety and warranty

The privacy sun visor EYESCREEN MED® is developed according your needs with a 5-year warranty

•    Semi-rigid screen coated on both sides by simply wiping (tested with detergents, disinfectant, and disinfecting detergents, in aqueous and alcohol-based solutions, active chlorine 0.5%: clostridium difficile, fogging Hydrogen peroxide 20%) and steam cleaning (with or without detergents).

•    Translucent screen allows each patient to enjoy natural light

•     Permanent M1 Fire resistance rating (French standards) / B-s1-d0 (European standards) / NFPA-701

•     Eco-label certificates “Greenguard” and “Textile Vertrauen” (Oko-tex standard 100)

•     Identification number assigned to each screen (traceability for nosocomial infection prevention, furniture inventory and guarantee monitoring

•     Provided by internal traceability, publishing by request and written on invoice


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Prints and colours available for EYESCREEN MED®

Customize your privacy screens so as to create a real decorative environment while respecting privacy and comfort the patient.

  • Base : Choose between 12 hinge colors
  • Option : Choose between 8 printed designs
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