Choose by many hygienists our folding screens and privacy screens helps you on the effort to prevent nosocomial infections



Semi-rigid screen coated and anti-adherent on both sides which prevents biofilm formation (smooth side) and entirely sealed (seamless), you can clean it on site, by simply wiping (tested with detergents, disinfectant, like the disinfecting detergents ANIOS, PHAGOGENE, ECOLAB ranges, in aqueous and alcohol-based solutions, active chlorine 0.5%: clostridium difficile, fogging hydrogen peroxide 20% ARECO, BIOQUELL…) and steam cleaning (with or without detergents like SANIVAP, VAPORETTO-POLTI…).

Bionettoyage d'un écran de séparation pour protéger l'intimité de la personne hospitalisée


Can be cleaned in place

Eliminate the costs for cleaning in laundry. Resistant to biological fluids and stains caused by iodine disinfectants and other colored solutions. 


Medicascreen® helps you control hospital-acquired infections with its easy-to-sanitize privacy screens.

In France Medicascreen fits with all recommendations to health care facilities.


MÉDICASCREEN® s'intègre dans le programme de Gain Achat Annuel des établissements hospitaliers. Par la suppression des coûts relatifs aux manipulations des rideaux tissus, transports et travaux de blanchisserie induits par les rideaux hospitaliers traditionnels.


As to remind the good practice of sanitizing of the privacy screens, MEDICASCREEN® guides you by posting in the equipped spaces a signage of operational mode for sanitizing.

Picto hygiene rappel du mode opératoire


The screens fold back to the bed head, take up no floor space and leave room for the movement of trolleys and drip stands. They leave floor surfaces free for cleaning (our products are developed in accordance with the health and safety committee recommendations of various hospitals).

MEDICASCREEN® Adapts to your requirements!

Custom solutions: cubicle creation, dialysis room, high-dependency units, recovery room, out-patient areas, etc. (bendable rails)

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