Security and warranty

All our MEDICASCREEN® range of fixed and mobile privacy screens is realized according to the hospitable standards of security and hygiene.


Fight against nosocomial infections

MEDICASCREEN® fights with you against nosocomial infections by helping you to sanitize and free your privacy screens from germs.

Our privacy screens are composed of a semi-rigid screen coated and anti-adherent on both sides which prevents biofilm formation.

Our innovation allows you to decrease roughly the risks of infection linked to the usage of fabric curtain in different services.

Easy-to-sanitize label sealed indicating:

  • M1 fire resistance rating
  • Operational mode for cleaning
  • Identification number assigned to each screen (traceability for nosocomial infection prevention, furniture inventory, guarantee monitoring)

Provided by internal traceability, published by request (serial number/ invoice number/ date of invoice / organization / service / allocation document)

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Fire safety standard (Non fire)


Our fixed and mobile screens are classified permanent M1 fire resistance rating (French standard) and B-s1-d0 (European standard) afin de garantir la pleine sécurité en ERP du personnel soignant, des intervenants, des patients et des visiteurs


Sturdy attachment

Our all Medicascreen® range was eco-designed with the technical departments from health care sector, so as to make easier the hanging in the framework of hospitable constraint. Our solutions are easy-to-hung by your technical staff. We delivery our rails and screens with installation instructions.

We propose you also the installation of our easy-to-sanitize screens by our own qualified technician’s staff. Our technicians are trained to intervene in hospitable sector. Concise and discrete interventions while respecting the hygiene rules, our technicians use a specific HILTI cordless rotary hammer with a vacuum cleaner.




Application of a silicone spray is recommended every 3 months (for example, Vygon Silisonde). The gliders are also covered by the warranty.

5-year warranty

We guarantee our whole materials 5 year, standard references, including gliders.

We make our fixed and mobile privacy screens in France, in our workshops (Nantes area)

2- year warranty

Folding screen on ball bearings (without wheels)  MEDICASCREEN Nomade®

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